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Custom Yard Sign – effective and Economic for Events

The custom yard signs in Spartanburg, SC, is an ideal choice when an individual needs to rapidly and affordably get the message to the masses. This type of sign from Allegra has become a popular choice for so many different events ranging from real estate agents announcing open houses to tradesmen promoting their services to recognizing academic achievements.

Benefits of Yard Signs


As these signs boards are made from relatively cost-effective materials, they are very cheaper. These signs are certainly one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions available. One can convey the firm’s message to audiences for a very low price compared to newspaper advertisements, billboards, or TV/radio spots.

Long Lasting

Although these signs are made from cost-effective materials, it does not necessarily assume that they are not durable. Corrugated plastic or coroplast is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. No bode requires to worry about moving them in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. As they are installed securely in their place hence these signs can be left outdoors over a longer period and still hold up.

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Lightweight and Flexibility.

These signs are produced from lightweight plastic which makes them very easy to install. Frequently paired with a metal “H” shape, they can be placed almost anywhere in an available open ground. This makes them very popular for companies or firms that are under time constraints. Self-installation is a hassle-free and stress-free benefit. Relocating these signs by removing and changing their location is also not a problem.

Custom Sizes

These signs are readily available in many different shapes and sizes. The traditional yard signs are printed in a prescribed however, one can customize their size and shape to meet individual marketing needs. It is also possible to print signs up to 4’x8’ on Coroplast material.


In addition to the benefits that are mentioned above, these signs truly help the business if utilized properly. With the proper marketing strategies utilizing these signs would allow any business to spread its word to an entire community. These signs provide an easy, economic, yet successful way to advertise and promote.

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